Making supply chains
sustainable, resilient & future-ready

Trusted & experienced team for implementing Sustainability in your Supply Chains.We are registered under MSME scheme by Govt. of India

Sustainability is everyone's business!

World of Gears believes in creating a better world for present and future generations with innovative business solutions, people engagement, and the power of collaborations.

There are increasing expectations for businesses to implement Sustainability in supply chains.Business problems are complex and need business-oriented coaching and solutions.
We have spent decades working in and working with various businesses.
It's time to Go beyond audits and focus on creating business performance.

We drive our commitment through collaborative Sustainability consulting services with diverse businesses, various sectors and all levels of the supply chains.

Unique value we bring to your business

  • The bridge between the Western processes and the Eastern way of doing things

  • Solutions from decades of experience working for small & large businesses.

  • Our ability to work with senior management, suppliers & stakeholders.

  • Extensive networks with various stakeholders

  • Localisation of Sustainability solutions

World of Gears means human advancement, collaboration and business performance.

RIshi sher singh

"Business performance & Sustainability are two important gears which must be engaged together for providing drive to businesses"

Sustainability specialist with an extensive body of work in supply chain management, implementation of sustainability projects & manufacturing.For over two decades, Rishi has been working on developing innovative business solutions, with a strong commitment towards Sustainability in value chains.People engagement, empathy, an appreciation for the power of collectives, an understanding of cultural sensitivities, and the ability to gather people’s stories, are at the heart of Rishi’s impactful work.

Our gearbox of services

Supply chain
Due Diligence

Supplier capability building

Sustainability learning centre

Our work is hands on



People trained
in Sustainability


Supply chain Due Diligence projects


Supply chains we engage

Automotive & Engineering

Agriculture & processing

Electronics, IT & tech

Pharma & raw materials


Our geared & multitalented team


Senior researcher (Bangalore)

Onsite assessments, worker engagement, focused research on ESG, analytics, reporting

Neha Dua

Senior advisor (New Delhi)

Project management, supplier engagement, implementation at supplier level, technical guidance

Bonnie Nixon

Senior mentor based in US (California)

Veteran in Supply chain Sustainablity, thought leader and mentor

Hiroshi Ishida

Senior advisor from CRT-Japan (Tokyo)

Supply Chain Due Diligence, Stakeholder engagement, business advisory

Trishna Kriplani

Senior advisor (Chennai)

Business & Human Rights expert, focusing policy to practice in businesses

Dave Runganaikaloo

Senior advisor (London)

International project management, stakeholder engagement- focus on India, Bangladesh & Africa

Manjit singh

Senior advisor (Chandigarh)

One of the leading experts in India on implementing ESG

Daljinder kaur

Senior advisor (Dubai)

Sustainability, stakeholder engagement, partnership & communication

Our collaborations

Snapshots of our hands-on work

Our work spans 17 countries, majorly of which have been in India. Apart from Asia and the EU, we have done work in some exciting places like Jordon and Nigeria.


What people say about our work

"I liked that we used a real case study to understand and look at solutions"
- Sustainability manager of top 10 companies in India

"We love the way you engage with our workers using a human approach and get to understand their issues in a culturally sensitive manner"
- Sustainability manager of large EU company with factories in India

"Your team bring in much-needed solutions approach and business thinking. This helps our suppliers to understand our requirements in a local language"
- Supply chain sustainability manager of a large US company with suppliers in India

Passionate about factories & farms?!
...come be part of our Gear family

  • Consultant with experience in Supply chain Sustainability (Bangalore)

  • Communication and creative designer (any location in India)

  • App developer and coder (any location in India)

  • Interns who would like to work on live Sustainability projects

Let's collaborate

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